R&R Process

Auto ECM Computer Exchange offers an ECU Repair Service for your faulty Electronic Control Module (ECM). 

The Auto ECM Computer Exchange Process:

  1. Search for your Part# and Purchase the ECU Repair Service for your specific unit.
  2. On the Shopping Cart Page scroll down and fill in all fields of the R&R form. We must have Part #, VIN, Mileage and a detailed description of the problem.
  3. Print and Send the form back to us along with the unit from your car.
  4. Auto ECM Computer Exchange assess your ECM unit.
  5. Auto ECM Computer Exchange sends a quality repaired part back to you.
  6. You re-install the part into your vehicle and get back on the road. Please note, some parts may need additional programming once you receive it from Auto ECM Computer Exchange. 

Once we receive your faulty ECU and assess its condition**, we will move forward and provide a functioning engine control module when the process is completed. 

It typically takes between 5-10 days to complete the ECU repair service depending upon the status of your faulty ECM. Please choose a shipping option when you check out so we can send the completed part back to you in the time frame you have chosen.

    At Auto ECM Computer Exchange we value your trust and look forward to providing you with a quality product. If at any time you have questions about the process please feel to contact us or call us at 570-466-9016.

    **Units with excessive damage to the board or body may not be repairable.  Examples include burnt processor, water corrosion or damage, to the board or fire damage to the unit. If you feel your unit is damaged beyond repair, please call us for options to replace your unit. See examples of unrepairable units below.

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